Participants & Abstracts

The participation is by invitation only, based on recommendations
by the Program Committee and the International Committee.

All the participants (regardless of the presentation style; oral or poster) are
requested to submit the Abstract in REVTEX style, using the following Form.

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Information for Poster Sessions

List of Invited Participants & Links to the Abstracts

1Ando, YoichiCRIEPI Abstract
2Andrei, EvaRutgers University Abstract
3Bhattacharya, ShoboNEC Research Institute Abstract
4Blatter, GianniETH Zürich Abstract
5Bulaevskii, LevLos Alamos National Laboratory Abstract
6Burlachkov, LeonidBar-llan University Abstract
7Charalambous, MelissaCentre National de la Recherche ScientifiqueAbstract
8Chikumoto, NorikoISTEC-SRL Abstract
9Clem, JohnIowa State University Abstract
10Cooley, LanceUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison Abstract
11Crabtree, GeorgeArgonne National Laboratory Abstract
12de Groot, PeterUniversity of Southampton Abstract
13Dodgson, MatthewETH Zürich Abstract
14Doettinger, SusanneStanford University Abstract
15Dominguez, DanielCentro Atomico Bariloche Abstract
16Doyle, RichardUniversity of Cambridge Abstract
17Feigelman, MikhailLandau Institute of Theoretical Physics Abstract
18Fischer, ØysteinUniversité de GenevèAbstract
19Forgan, TedUniversity of Birmingham Abstract
20Friesen, MarkPurdue University Abstract
21Fuchs, DanWeizmann Institute of Science Abstract
22Geshkenbein, VadimETH Zürich Abstract
23Giamarchi, ThierryUniversité Paris-Sud Abstract
24Gordeev, SergeyUniversity of Southampton Abstract
25Gurevich, V. AlexanderUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison Abstract
26Hanaguri, TetsuoThe University of Tokyo Abstract
27Haneda, HidekiKyoto University Abstract
28Hangyo, MasanoriOsaka University Abstract
29Harada, KenAdvanced Research lab. Hitachi Ltd. Abstract
30Hasegawa, TetsuyaTokyo Institute of Technology Abstract
31Hayashi, MasahikoTohoku University Abstract
32Hirata, KazutoNational Research Institute for Metals Abstract
33Horovitz, BaruchBen-Gurion University Abstract
34Hu, XiaoNational Research Institute for Metals Abstract
35Hussey, E. NigelThe University of Tokyo Abstract
36Ikeda, RyusukeKyoto University Abstract
37Ikuta, HiroshiNagoya University Abstract
38Indenbom, MikhailISSP Chernogolovka Abstract
39Ishida, TakekazuOsaka Prefecture University Abstract
40Kadowaki, KazuoTsukuba University Abstract
41Kamimura, AkiraNational Research Institute for Metals Abstract
42Kanoda, KazushiThe University of Tokyo Abstract
43Kawamura, HikaruKyoto Institute of Technology Abstract
44Kes, PeterLeiden University Abstract
45Kishio, KohjiThe University of Tokyo Abstract
46Kitazawa, KoichiThe University of Tokyo Abstract
47Kobayashi, NorioTohoku University Abstract
48Koblischka, R. MichaelISTEC-SRL Abstract
49Konczykowski, MarcinÉcole Polytéchnique Abstract
50Koshelev, AlexeiArgonne National Laboratory Abstract
51Koyama, TomioTohoku University Abstract
52Krusin-Elbaum, LiaIBM Research Division Abstract
53Kuwasawa, YoshinoriChiba University Abstract
54Kwok, Wai-KwongArgonne National Laboratory Abstract
55le Doussal, PierreÉcole Normale Supériere Abstract
56Lee, Sung-IkPohang University of Science and Technoligy Abstract
57Lopez, DanielArgonne National Laboratory Abstract
58Machida, KazushigeOkayama University Abstract
59Machida, MasahikoJapan Atomic Energy Research InstituteAbstract
60Maeda, AtsutakaThe University of Tokyo Abstract
61Maley, MartinLos Alamos National Labotratory Abstract
62Marcenat, ChristopheCommissariat à l' Énergie Atomique-GrenobleAbstract
63Marchevsky, MaximLeiden University Abstract
64Matsuda, YujiThe University of Tokyo Abstract
65Matsushita, TeruoKyushu Institute of Technology Abstract
66McElfresh, MikePurdue University Abstract
67Mirkovic, JovanTsukuba University Abstract
68Miryala, MuralidharISTEC-SRL Abstract
69Moore, MichaelUniversity of Manchester Abstract
70Morozov, NikolaiLos Alamos National Laboratory Abstract
71Murakami, MasatoISTEC-SRL Abstract
72Natterman, ThomasUniversity of Köeln Abstract
73Nishida, NobuhikoTokyo Institute of Technology Abstract
74Nishizaki, TerukazuTohoku University Abstract
75Nohara, MinoruThe University of Tokyo Abstract
76 Nori, Franco University of MichiganAbstract
77Ohshima, ShigetoshiYamagata University Abstract
78Okuma, SatoshiTokyo Institute of Technology Abstract
79Onogi, ToshiyukiAdvenced Research Lab, Hitachi Ltd. Abstract
80Ooi, ShuuichiThe University of Tokyo Abstract
81Oral, AhmetUniversity of Oxford Abstract
82Pardo, FlavioBell Laboratories Abstract
83Phillips, E. NormanUC Berkeley Abstract
84Safar, HugoUniversity of Illinois Abstract
85Sasagawa, TakaoThe University of Tokyo Abstract
86Sasaki, TakahikoTohoku University Abstract
87Scheidl, StefanUniversity of Köeln Abstract
88Shibauchi, TakasadaThe University of Tokyo Abstract
89Shimoyama, Jun-ichiThe University of Tokyo Abstract
90Shiraishi, JunichiThe University of Tokyo Abstract
91Sonin, EdouardHebrew University Abstract
92Sudbo, AsleUniversity of Trondheim Abstract
93Sugano, RyokoAdvanced Research Lab, Hitachi Ltd. Abstract
94Suzuki, Jun-ichiJapan Atomic Energy Research Institute Abstract
95Tachiki, MasashiNational Research Institute for Metals Abstract
96Tamegai, TsuyoshiThe University of Tokyo Abstract
97Teitel, StephenUniversity of Rochester Abstract
98Tesanovic, ZlatkoJohns Hopkins University Abstract
99Thompson, JamesOak Ridge National Laboratories Abstract
100Tonomura, AkiraAdvanced Research Lab, Hitachi Ltd. Abstract
101Tsuboi, TakashiThe University of Tokyo Abstract
102van der Beek, KeesÉcole Polytéchnique Abstract
103Vinokur, ValeriiArgonne National Laboratory Abstract
104Vlasko-Vlasov, VitaliiArgonne National Laboratory Abstract
105Welp, UlrichArgonne National Laboratory Abstract
106Yeh, Nai-ChangCalifornia Institute of Technology Abstract
107Yeo, JoonhyunKon-kuk University Abstract
108Yeshurun, YosiBar-llan University Abstract
109Yurgens, AugustChalmers University of Technology Abstract
110Zavaritsky, VladimirKapitza Institute Abstract
111Zeldov, EliWeizmann Institute of Science Abstract
112Zimanyi, GergelyUC Davis Abstract