Kohji Kishio

             Emeritus Professor
             Department of Applied Chemistry
             School of Engineering
             The University of Tokyo

       Born    (1951 Nagoya City, Japan)

    1974    B.S.  Industrial Chemistry, The University of Tokyo
    1976    M.S.  Industrial Chemistry, The University of Tokyo 
    1976-81 Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University
    1981    Ph.D. Northwestern University
       Appointments at UT
    1981    Research Associate
    1988    Lecturer
    1990    Associate Professor
    1993-95 Visiting Associate Professor (Kyoto University)      
    1996-17 Professor
    2001-03 Vice Chairman, International Exchange and Program Committee
    2003-05 Director, Cryogenic Research Center    
    2017-   Emeritus Professor
    2017-   Visiting Scholar, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology 
       Academic Affiliations
            Elctrochemical Society of Japan, Vice President (2008-2009)
            Applied Physical Society of Japan, Executive Director (2007-2008)
            Cryogenic Society of Japan, Member(Board of Directors) (2008-2009)
            Chemical Society of Japan, Physical Society of Japan, Ceramic Society of Japan
            Society of Non-Traditional Technology
            Materials Research Society, American Physical Society, Electrochemical Society
    1994    Nissan Science Award (2nd Annual, Nissan Global Foundation)
    1999    Superconductivity Science and Technology Award
            (3rd Annual, Society of Non-traditional Technology, Japan)
    2011    Fellow (Applied Physical Society of Japan)
    2020    Achievement Award (Electrocemical Society of Japan)

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