APS March Meeting (1987) Special Session

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Held on : March 18,1987, 7:30 p.m. to 3:15 a.m.
Place at: New York Hilton Hotel, New York, USA
Chaired by: Prof. M. Brian Maple (Univ.of California, San Diego)
# of Presentations: 51,   # of Attendees: ∼2,000

"The road to high Tc Superconductivity, Experiments with Alkaline-earth Substituted Lanthanum Copper Oxides"
Dr. K. Alex Müller (IBM Zürich)

"Physical Properties and Superconductivity of Layered Perovskite Oxides"
Prof. Shoji Tanaka (The University of Tokyo)

"Superconductivity above 100 K"
Prof. Paul C. W. Chu (University of Houston)

"Superconductivity above LN2Temperature in Ba(Sr)-La(Y)-Cu-O System"
Prof. Zhongxia Zhao (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

"Bulk Superconductivity above 90K in single phase Ba2YCu3O7 -type Compounds"
Dr. Bertram Batlogg (AT&T Bell Telephone Laborartories)

The present Videos were initially intended to be published in the first issue of Physical Review V, Vol.1 by the American Physical Society (APS). However, it has not been officially disclosed for many years. In the present archives, the movies were directly reproduced at UT from the original copy of the VHS tapes distributed by APS. Assistance by Dr. George Crabtree (ANL) is acknowledged. Recently (in 2016) more movies have been uploaded to "YouTube" by APS. i.e. https://youtu.be/JcprXckcGrc