Venue and Travel to "Hachi-Man-Tai"

"Hachimantai" is one of the most famous mountain
resorts in the Tohoku (north-east) area of Japan.
In June, which is expected to be the rainy, "Tsuyu",
season in Japan, this area is usually less humid
and much more comfortable to travel in. The temperature
will be approximately 22 C (high) and 10 C (low) during
the workshop period. If curious about more details,
try the weather guide.

THE IMPORTANT FIRST NOTE: : Narita (New Tokyo International) is the only airport reasonable to choose for attending the Workshop, unless you plan to visit many other places all over Japan in addition. Use of other international or domestic airports is not recommended. It is also strongly recommended that you should arrive at Narita on June 20, Saturday, if your arrival time is later than noon (many flights from U.S.A.). If the arrival time is before the noon of June 21 (generally, flights from Europe), you can directly come to Morioka, but it will be a busy day. For departures from Narita, it is almost impossible to do so on June 26, Friday, unless you are going to Hawaii, Australia, etc.

As a summary, you should arrange hotels at least for one or two nights in Tokyo or in Morioka.

Between Tokyo and Morioka, the Tohoku Shinkansen (one of the five JR Shinkansen Lines) has services approximately every hour which connect these two cities in about three hours.

Between the Morioka Station and the "Hachimantai Royal Hotel", our Workshop site, a few number of shuttle bus services will be provided by the organizers late afternoon of June 21 and June 26. Participants who miss these shuttle buses must use a taxi, which will cost more than US$100, because it requires about a 50 min drive.

Those who want to come directly from the Narita International Airport to the Workshop site on the arrival day, are advised to purchase reserved tickets for the Narita Express and the Tohoku Shinkansen at the Airport Terminals, JR View PLaza(located in Terminal Building #1 and #2, both underground levels). Generally speaking, it is not easy to purchase and reserve train tickets from outside of Japan in advance. Buying your tickets at Narita and waiting time for the train transfers may require approximately 6 hours in total to get to the Morioka Station.

Only if you wish to travel around Japan before or after the Workshop for extended period, you may find JR Rail Pass an interesting ticket to check.

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