Accommodations during the workshop period will be arranged by the Organizers. All the participants are expected to stay at the Hachimantai Royal Hotel (the Workshop site) for the entire Workshop period (June 21-26). Otherwise, support for registration fee, accommodations, or travel expenses may not be provided.

IMPORTANT : Accommodation before or after the workshop cannot be arranged by the Workshop Organizers nor Secretaries. Each participant is kindly requested to contact directly to appropriate hotels in Morioka, Tokyo or any other cities. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to stay at the Hachimantai Royal Hotel for the nights of June 20 (one day before the workshop) and June 26 (the last day of the workshop), because the room rate is rather high (approx. 130 US$) and the transportation service from/to Morioka Station will not be provided except the limited number of free shuttle buses in the afternoon of June 21 and 26.

If you bring your spouse to Workshop, she (or he) can stay in the same room with you because all the rooms are twin-based. However, the way of hotel charge in Japan is different from that in your countries; the charge is applied for the person not for the room. This means that the room charge for two people in a twin room is nearly doubled to the price for a single person in a twin room. Your spouse is welcome to eat all the meals together with you and other participants. Under such situations, the Workshop Organizers have to ask participants for their spouses' room charge and meal which will be more than US$100 (undecided) in total per night. Optional tours (twice) for the ladies will be also scheduled. Charge will be made for such programs. All the charges for these extra arrangements must be paid directly to the Workshop Organizers in cash; credit cards are not accepted.

For hotel information in Morioka and Tokyo, go to the detailed and updated information page.